Hello friends!

2015 is well underway and it is clear that this year is a year for change and growth, in my case anyway. Id love to share some of the things which I hope to help me succeed this year. 

My second year of college is coming to a close, less than one semester left. It's scary, and I cant help but compare this year to my previous year. I had so so so much fun last year with my friends, and this year doesn't even come close to comparing. This is something which really kept me down last semester, I want to change my mindset. By keeping busy, I believe that good times and fun things will follow. My semester is very light this semester, I have 5 classes which happen to fall on Tuesday and Thursday only. This leaves lots of time to keep busy with happy things, like painting and adventures. 

I've been blessed with a beautiful new roommate this semester, and I hope our relationship continues to grow in the right direction. It has been hard for me to click with some of my roommates, but I think it is time for me to open my mind a little more and say 'YES' to participating in activities. It is so easy to get in a state of mind which only allows you to find comfort in bed, under the covers endlessly watching movies. While I do still enjoy watching movies, I have realized that it is more important for me to go out into the world with my friends on various adventures, whether it be to the grocery store, or half way across the province. When I was comfortable with my surroundings last year, I participated in so many things, always creating fun new memories. This year I hope to find that again. 

Lastly, I believe my quality of life will improve if I continue to stay organized. By keeping a calendar full of due dates and other important things, I will be able to stay organized and ready for the week. This is important to me because it not only gives me something to do, but it helps motivate me and keeps stress at bay. 

This year has already seen some great adventure; Here are a few images of Ya Ha Tinda, a beautiful area in western Alberta. We came across pretty scenery and several animals as well. A herd of wild horses crossed our path, and some proud highland coo's stood in a field.