Dunnottar Castle | what to see in Scotland

I have decided to start a series about "what to see in Scotland." I have been to Scotland 3 times in my life, however the first time I was a newborn, so I definitely don't remember any of that trip. My moms side of the family mostly all live in and around Angus, a county on the east side of the country. My Grandma grew up in Montrose, and my Grandpa grew up around Newtyle, so I know a fair few stories about the area. Although I may be biased, I do really love Scotland a lot and I want to share some of that love with the internet! So, i've decided to start this series where I share some of my favorite places in Scotland - recommendations for travel!

In this post I will be discussing Dunnottar Castle, a rugged beauty established in 1392 on the east coast of Scotland - 3km south of Stonehaven.

Its up on a stand alone cliff, several meters above the sea. A sort of tiny peninsula if you will. This means that the hike to the castle is quite something! It isn't all that long: it starts up on the mainland cliff - you then take several stairs down to sea level where you have the option to explore a beautiful rocky beach, after walking to the base of the peninsula you begin to climb up hill on a windy path up the cliff. It doesn't seem all that daunting until you are half way up the cliff and it seems although it is never ending! I visited the castle with my Grandpa along with several other family members, and for a 76 year old, it was definitely a struggle. However if you deem yourself an averagely fit person, it should be no problem. 😊

(Stairs down from mainland to beach)

(Stone beach)

(Entrance to the Castle)

There is a small fee to enter the castle grounds, but let me tell you, it is worth it! The view of the ocean and cliffs from the castle are phenomenal. The castle itself, is beautiful as well. There are several stone buildings surrounding a lovely grass courtyard. There is even a cemetery, if you are into that kind of thing.

(Castle Grounds)

(View from Second Floor)

(Restored Room)


The castle is fully accessible - you can climb towers, see the dungeon, and enter the cellars. There is a restored room which depicts how the castle would have looked in its prime. Otherwise, most of it is in ruin. In my opinion, this is what makes it so beautiful. I have always had a love for ruins.


If you are headed to north eastern Scotland, I highly recommend visiting Dunnottar Castle, as it is extremely beautiful, and the location is even better. 

Stay tuned for more of "what to see in Scotland". 

Thanks for reading! xx