Elizabeth Suzann | Review

If you've seen any of 

Elizabeth Suzann's

collections, you know that her pieces are absolutely dreamy. They are made of linen, silk, and various other materials - all with the utmost care and quality.

I had my eye on the "Maxine crop" for a while, but because of the exchange rate between CAD and USD, I was hesitant. It cost 125$ USD (163$ cad) - I know, its a lot for one shirt.

(Image from Elizabeth Suzann)

When I finally decided to go ahead and order it, it was on back-order and told it would take 6-8 weeks to produce. Since Elizabeth Suzann is a small, handmade company based in Nashville, this was totally understandable. Much to my surprise, the package arrived quicker than expected! Win.

Can we take a moment to appreciate this packaging? Wow. I was totally shocked by how beautiful everything was wrapped. The attention to detail was amazing. There was a hand written card enclosed in the package thanking me for my order. Like who does that? It was so nice to receive and made me feel so special - I think this is such a nice element for a business to have. 

The shirt itself was absolutely beautiful - that 160$ price tag went from 'ouch' to 'worth it'!! I opted for the "raw silk" material, it is so comfortable to wear. It is reversible, you can chose to tie in the front and have a deep V neck, or tie it in the back like the image above. I have worn it both ways - they both work. However, when its tied in the back it is much more wearable. 

My only wish is that it could be worn with a bra. Because the tie in the back is so low, any bra clasps in the back are fully visible. I have tried to go bra-less, but it is better to wear 'stickies' so you have at least some coverage and support, if you know what I mean. 😀

It fits true to size,

the material is high quality,

customer service is great,

& the attention to detail is impeccable.