'Glamping' at Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site

Canvas tents.

Crackling fires.

Tall trees.

& a rushing river.

These are the things you will experience during a stay at the 

Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site

. If you are looking for a cozy forest get-away in central(ish) Alberta, this is it.

This is a picture of one of the several canvas tents available to stay in. Jason and I spent one night here, but we could have stayed a week! The canvas tents are modeled after historic 'trappers tents' which would have been used during the fur trade. There is also the option to stay in authentic tipis!

 The campsite is right along the North Saskatchewan river which has a nice riverbank to walk along. If you've seen the western legs of this river, you know its quite clear in this area - perfect for swimming!

This is what the tents look like on the inside! The bison pelt was originally on the ground but since it was pretty chilly when we stayed we decided to put it on the bed to keep us warm! It was so cozy and worked really well.

There is a large fire-pit which we cooked on, Jason prepared a lovely fish which we had with mashed potatoes, Swiss chard, and a lovely bottle of white.

In the morning, we cooked bacon and eggs in a cast iron skillet over the fire. It worked perfectly and was super delicious!

About a 10 minute walk down the path from the camping site is the historic site of a trading post. There are the remains of part of the building, as well as lots of interpretive activities and information to see! It is a beautiful place to explore.

I would highly recommend the heritage camping at Rocky Mountain National Historic Site!