Alforno Bakery & Cafe | Eat Calgary

As you probably already know, Calgary has a very impressive coffee scene! 


 is one of many craft coffee shops stationed in the city - it has both a bakery and cafe. It is a refreshing space with crisp, yet inviting design! The sitting area is on a raised platform, giving it a cozy, slightly private feel. All in all, the space is welcoming and easily accessible.

Alforno is situated in Eau Claire, a section of Downtown Calgary. It is easy to get to and has street parking! Win! 

I have been to Alforno a few times, and while I haven't tried their lunch or dinner


, the bakery treats and cafe are amazing! On my most recent visit, I shared the Chocolate mousse with a friend. It was super creamy with a distinct dark chocolate flavor, my favorite! 

We each ordered a drink, I had the chai latte and Diana had a matcha latte - they were both very good with cute latte art. Unlike some chai lattes, this one was very creamy rather than watery. This is my favorite way to have chai! 

The interior of Alforno is so beautiful - its challenging to describe, so here are some pictures!

This is the type of place where you can sit for hours sipping on a latte with your favorite book without even realizing how much time has gone by. 

If you are looking for a place to enjoy coffee in Calgary, this is definitely a good option.

Thanks for reading! xx