Botanical Prints

Recently I have become interested in hanging prints around my apartment. I have been in this apartment for around 7 months now, but have not been very dedicated to decorating as it is only a temporary living arrangement. I have several plants, a some candles, a blanket ladder, and a few other decor items - otherwise, the apartment is relatively simple. I am all for minimal design and I feel like my room definitely embodies this. By adding a few botanical prints, my room has a more of a personal feel while maintaining the simple and 'white' vibe which I am going for.

I found a free download for these prints through the blog "

The Painted Hive

," and thought I would try them out. The download link came with 9 different prints, I chose to use three of them.

The prints are sized 11" x 14", however I printed them at 11" x 17" to give a white border along the top and bottom of the print. For now they are hanging by tape, but eventually I hope to use a wooden frame. I think the white border along the top and bottom will give a nice distinguishing element between the frame and the print.

Like I said, the download is FREE, so you only have to pay for printing (So awesome!). I chose to print through staples as they offer same day pick up, so I knew it would not take long and I wouldn't have to wait for them in the mail. This was the most convenient way for me to get my prints, but they do offer shipping. I also chose staples because it seemed to be the cheapest option. I got all 3 prints done for a total of $4.06, including taxes - each print cost $1.29.

Printing at staples is quite easy, first you go to

, click on "print a document" and then upload the file you wish to print. If you chose to download the botanical prints above, all 9 will upload to the document print section. Click continue, and then you are taken to a page where you can modify the images on the print. For example, I chose to print the image on 11 x 17 sized paper, and selected "none" under the 'reduced/enlarged pages' section. I then selected "Coated 2 Sided Gloss, 80-lb. Cover" under the 'paper stock' section. When you select 'check out' to buy the prints, you can select how many you actually want to print. I selected three, but you can select as little or as many as you want, I believe you can even make duplicates at this point.

Th paper is thick, glossy, and has a very nice feel to it. The colour is vibrant and shows up exactly how it does online - I was very impressed!

There are several other botanical downloads which I hope to use in the future, they are linked below:


Thanks so much for reading!

Madison xx