Fairy Pools | what to see in Scotland

The Isle of Skye: rugged, wild, magical. It is just off the western coast of Scotland and is full of adventures waiting to happen.


fairy pools

are one of many amazing natural attractions on the Isle of Skye. They are located near Carbost, a small village on the western side of the island. There is a small parking lot at the trail head, which is indicated by signs along the roadways. The trail itself is relatively easy to hike, it is downhill from the parking lot and then flat for quite some time. When you begin to see the fairy pools, you start to walk uphill, past several of the waterfalls. Along this path you will notice that there are several pools which are located at the bottom of small waterfalls, most of these are accessible so you can swim in any one of them!

 The pools are surrounded by beautiful rolling mountains - the falls are located in a valley which is quite wide, creating a dramatic landscape.

We were lucky enough to visit the fairy pools on a relatively warm day, so there was no problem with feeling too cold in the fresh Scottish water.

There is lots of folklore around the area, as it is so beautiful and magical looking. The water is so clear and so fresh, perfect for swimming - it is no wonder that the place is home to Celtic myths. The Isle of Skye is full of a wealth of Scottish history, along with lots of rugged beauty begging to be explored. The town of Portree is not far from the fairy pools, offering many great restaurants and accommodations. Swimming in Scotland is something which is not that common, as the weather is relatively moderate and does not usually get warm enough. Swimming in the fairy pools however, is totally worth it, no matter how cold the weather (within reason of course)! 😀

Thanks for reading,

Madison xx