Gyu-Kaku | Eat Calgary

One of the best Japanese BBQs in Calgary,

Gyu- Kaku

, is centrally located and newly open. I ate lunch there on a windy Wednesday afternoon. The

lunch menu

 is quite large and very well priced, allowing for a good selection and a filling meal.

Japanese BBQ is always fun experience, you cook the meat yourself - it is great to do with friends.

 My friend Diana ordered the seaweed soup to start, I had the miso. Both were very delicious, but I would recommend the seaweed soup if you had to chose one. You also get a house salad to start as well - it is very good.

We ordered several meats to grill on the barbecue, they are all marinated and sliced for convenience: Duck Breast, Kalbi Short Rib, Pork Belly, New York Miso Steak, and Yaki-Shabu Beef.

All of the meats were delicious, my favorite however was the New York Miso steak and the Kalbi Short Rib.

The photo above is of the Tuna Tataki, my favorite part of the meal. Diana recommended we share it, and I am so glad that we did! It is the most refreshing tuna with fresh vegetables which compliment the flavor of the tuna. I LOVE raw tuna, and this dish showcases its fresh taste.

The meal comes with a bowl of rice to round out the meat. They provide sauces to go with the meat and rice, however the rich flavor of the marinated meat is delicious enough on its own.

The space itself is refreshingly modern with dark wood and orange material. It is unique, and has a super great vibe.

If you are looking for a modern, delicious Japanese BBQ in Calgary, this is is a great option - I highly recommend.