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I found the company

Parabo Press

through an add on instagram, chances are that you have seen an add for their services as well! I decided to check out their instagram page and thought that their concept was really interesting! They had a promotion going that allowed you to get 25 photos printed for free as long as you paid shipping, which worked out to $10 CAD in my case (as of May 2017 this promotion is still going). I thought that was a pretty good deal, so I talked to Jason and we decided to pick out 25 of our favorite holiday photos and get them printed through


. The pictures are 4" x 4" - designed to imitate the squares of an Instagram photo, and they are printed on thick, card-stock like paper. They are not printed on photo paper, which is a nice change in comparison to the typical 4x6 photo stock prints you get with film. Overall, I really like the square format of the pictures, as well as the quality of the prints. The prints have a small white border, which I am indifferent to - I am not sure if you can chose to have the border or not, but either way, I don't mind it being there.

The packaging was a super nice touch, everything was beautifully wrapped and the attention to detail is very apparent. The package itself had a cute little pattern and the prints were enclosed in a 'bend proof' sack to ensure their quality. I appreciate this attention to detail and quality, as sometimes the mail can be rough on small packages like that. Another plus is that shipping was relatively quick! I believe we waited around 2 weeks, which may seem like a long time, but I'm sure a significant amount of that time was spent processing our order. Overall, we were happy with the delivery time.

The quality of the image prints themselves is quite good for the price. The colours of the images are just as vibrant as they look digitally, so that is really nice. For the small size of the prints, the vibrancy is great, so I really enjoy that.

If you are looking to get square 'instagram - looking' prints, then I would definitely consider looking at Parabo press. Otherwise, for any other kind of print, I encourage you to do some research into other companies. While parabo is great, there are LOTS of printing companies out there, so it would be a good idea to compare prices and other things like quality, shipping costs, and other things. As for a cheap option though, Parabo is great!

If you want to see the full set of images - all 25, I have linked a


video which shows all of the pictures below!

Thanks so much for reading,

Madison xx