Re-Potting Ivy

In the past year, I have become extremely interested in houseplants and gardening! At first it was more of an interest in indoor herbs and indoor gardening, but it quickly transitioned into decorative indoor plants! In the future I hope to give a full 'house plant tour', but for now I plan on sharing a few of my tips and tricks for upkeep, fertilization, watering, and transplanting!!

Today I am sharing how I transplanted an Ivy plant! One day I had the idea to look on Kijij for houseplants, and I was pleasantly surprised! There were quite a few adds in and around Calgary, advertising different types of houseplants. I replied to an add for this ivy plant and picked it up shortly afterwards! It sat in its grow pot for a few weeks, allowing it to settle into its new home and environment.

I chose to re-pot it into a beautiful vintage tin which I got from Jasons grandma! It is not meant for plants, so there is no hole at the bottom for drainage. While I could have made a hole in the bottom, I did not want to change the tin too much as I may use it for something else in the future once it is done housing this plant!

So, to encourage drainage without a hole I put around 2 inches of gravel in the bottom of the tin! This will allow the water to filter through and stop it from saturating the roots too much!

For a more in-depth look at how to re-pot ivy, check out my youtube video below!

Thanks for reading,

Madison xx