Current Face Mask Routine

Everyone loves a good pamper routine, right?! I try to pamper my skin at least 3 times a week. This consists of several face masks that compliment my daily skincare routine, allowing for my face to feel supple, rejuvenated, and healthy. My face mask routine changes with the seasons, because in Alberta the weather and humidity changes quite often, so my skin requires different things during different seasons.

During summer, my skin is often in need of deep cleansing. The heat causes my skin to be oily on, and off, which that causes some unwanted bumps around my cheeks and forehead. To combat this, I exfoliate 3 times a week followed with a deep cleansing clay mask. This seems to get rid of the bumps and smooths out my skin, which is really really nice! I love the Trilogy

mineral radiance mask

which has 'kaolin' clay among other ingredients like rosehip.


Clay mask by Trilogy


My cheeks can get be sensitive to the heat, often getting quite red even if they are not sun burnt. Both my sister and I are affected by the heat and our skin reacts to the point where it can get red and irritated. To combat this, I use the

Ultra repair instant oatmeal mask

by first aid beauty. This mask soothes my skin and encourages moisture retention. It feels great and smells pretty good too! I use this mask 3 times per week, or as needed, following the deep cleansing clay mask.


Oatmeal Mask by First Aid Beauty


If my skin is not in need of the oatmeal mask, I will use the

GinZing mask

from Origins. This is a gel-like mask that glides on to the skin and has a slight cooling sensation. I especially love using this after being out in the sun or coming out of the shower. The cool gel feels like such a treat on hot skin! The mask is super refreshing and also is very moisturizing, plumping the skin and giving it a nice glow! I will use this mask on its own after an exfoliation, or after using the charcoal mask. Sometimes I even use this mask after doing the oatmeal mask!


GinZing Mask by Origins


Once I have applied my face masks, the most important thing to do is to treat the skin. I use a

vitamin C serum

(by Platone) under my eyes, on my eyelids, and upper cheeks. After that has somewhat dried, I will apply a facial serum to the rest of my skin. Then I will mix the Boots 'time delay' 

Radiance Booster

with the Joe Fresh

illuminating primer

in my fingers and rub it all over my face. This is the last step of my pamper routine and leaves my skin feelings supple, smooth, and glowing! Perfect for summer!

 Thanks so much for reading,

Madison xx