Saskatoon Berry Picking

On a warm July day, I was driving along the highway and noticed a large "U-Pick Saskatoons" sign on the side of the road and immediately I knew I had to pick some. Once home, I asked my mom and sister if they wanted to pick berries with me, and we decided to go to a Saskatoon berry farm close by.

We went to the Hillberry Saskatoon farm and picked a 1 gallon pail full of saskatoons. We may have snuck a few to snack on too 😉.

The farm was very beautiful with rows on rows of berry bushes. This is a great time in the season to pick berries as they are perfectly ripe and juicy! Though it was a warm day, the smoke from all of the forest fires muted the sun and we were able to enjoy ourselves without worrying too much about getting a sun burn or sun/heat stroke! 

It is located at the top of the east side of the Gwynne valley on highway 13. It's a small scale, family owned and operated farm, which gives it a very nice small town feel. It is great to know where your money is going! 

One of the best parts is just how affordable saskatoon berry picking is! We live in a society where a half a pint of berries can cost you up to $5. That is a very steep price to pay for a hand full of berries. Although saskatoons aren't available all year round, they are extremely affordable in the summer. For a one gallon pail of saskatoons at the Hillberry farm, it was $10! To put that into perspective, there are approximately 8 pints (16 half pints) in a gallon. Blueberries at $10 per pint ($5 per half pint), times by 8 to make a gallon, would be $80! In other words, Saskatoon berries (at approx. $.80 per pint) are extremely affordable - and delicious!!!

I had a great time at Hillberry Saskatoon farm, and I can't recommend berry picking enough! 

Thanks so much for reading,

Madison xx