Sustainable Beach Wear

'Slow living' is a lifestyle which I am currently pursuing. One of the most important aspects of slow living, is slow fashion! We live in a world full of fast fashion, and while I am not quite ready to permanently give it up forever, I have been slowly taking more interest in slow fashion and building up a garment repertoire.

Beach wear is something which I have found extremely challenging at times. I struggle finding a way to look fashionable yet, remain cool enough for the hot weather. The most recent outfit I have been wearing to the beach has broken those barriers and allows practicality and fashion to meld together.

The best thing about this outfit is that it is comprised of 100% slow, sustainable items!

The floppy beach hat is a second hand find. This instantly grants the piece 'slow fashion' status, as thrifted items are a more conscious and sustainable choice.

This is my beloved Elizabeth Suzann top! It is made of raw silk and has been designed to last for many years. I have a full review/discussion post about this top



These pants are another thrifted item! I purchased them a few weeks ago and hadn't had the chance to wear them until I was in a more beachy setting. They are very wide legged and "flowy," perfect for the beach! I hope to hem them in the future as they are a bit long for me! For now, I simply roll the waist band once or twice to get them in the right position. Another major plus is that they have POCKETS!

The watch I am wearing is my Grandmas, thus, I am unfamiliar with its brand or history. It is vintage and therefore, sustainable! Win!


are known for their extremely long lasting quality! I recently retired my 7 year old pair and upgraded to these beauties. I expect them to last me another 7 years, or longer. For this reason, I find Birkenstock's to be a very valuable and sustainable shoe! They are also very easy to style and can be worn with many outfits in spring, summer, and fall. 

This is my go-to outfit for those extra warm evenings by the lake. Sustainable fashion is so important to me and I am excited to continue to challenge myself throughout this journey. 

Thanks so much for reading,

Madison xx