Lets Recap

Its been way too long. So much has changed in my life these past few months, resulting in my lack of time management! Because of this, blogging has taken a back seat. I am slowly finding my way back to blogging so I figured the best way to get back into it is to recap what has happened in these past few months.

1. I got a job. YAY!

I am working for a photography company which specializes in school photography. You know those school portraits that are in yearbooks? - yeah that's what I do! I can confidently say that it is not my most favorite job in the world, but it is still very rewarding and I get to make children smile everyday, that is pretty darn cool. I am also very excited to be working in the field of photography, even though it is completely different from what I do as a photographer, it is good to have the experience. This job is temporary, so we will see what the next few months bring once my contract is over! For now I am happy to be back working and in a somewhat stable routine.

2. I turned 22.

Yes, I am getting older. 😉 Some days it seems like I am actually a 30 year old girl boss with aspirations, getting sh*t done, and other days it feels like I am a 16 year old with nothing but dreams, both terrified of and in-love with the world at the same time. If anything though, I am happy to be where I am at 22; university graduate, very much in-love, mother to a dog full of personality, working towards being fully sustainable, and chasing my dream of being a photographer.

3. I have started my own photography business!

Finally, I have gone ahead an taken the plunge into the world of photography. As of now, I am specializing in couples portraits, blog portraits, senior/graduate portraits, and family portraits! I have been photographing people for several years, it feels good to finally have an online space/business to share it all. I have gotten several 'official' clients since my business has gone live, and man does it feel good! I think it is important for me to remember that this is something that I have always wanted to do, on my own. Sometimes I wonder if people think I am doing this because of my recent 'career change' - this is not the case, and I don't really believe the 2 to be connected in any way. This is something I have been wanting to do for so long now and I finally am doing it. CRAZY!

p.s. check out my website


and book a session with me. 😘

Now that things in my life are feeling like they are back on track, you will probably see many more blog posts in the future!

Thanks for reading this post, and look forward to those in the future.

Madison xx