Currently Reading: Kate Morton

The books by Kate Morton are everything I have ever wanted to read - Seriously. They are adventurous, full of life lessons and love. They are usually focused around a family secret which pertains to the main character, and throughout the book you learn about the secret and all about the family. I rarely find books that I "can't put down," but with Kate Mortons' books I find my self unable to put them down! I read several of them last summer - "The House at Riverton" and "The Forgotten Garden," I have re-read them a few times and am currently reading "The Lake House."

I plan on reading "The Secret Keeper" next, and look forward to learning more about the book she is currently writing! I think what I love so much about these books, is that when reading them, you truly feel like you are there. I love the incredibly vivid imagery I get when reading, even now, I can look back and see a perfect image of what I read. I find that so appealing, and thoroughly enjoy using my imagination in this way.

If you are on the hunt for a wonderful adventure to read cuddled under the covers or quietly at the beach, I highly recommend any of the Kate Morton novels! Happy Reading!