March Wish List

This month I am bringing back one of my favorite original monthly blog posts! Last year I posted a monthly wish list comprised of sustainable fashion and other goods that I was super keen on purchasing! Since sustainable fashion is often quite pricey, I thought that it is fitting to be in the category of "wish list" as it isn't realistic for me to purchase all of these dreamy items!


This months wish list is comprised of sustainable fashion items that I have been drooling over all month and hope to add to my closet one day! 


1. Cotton Jumpsuit by "Esby Apparel"

I fell in LOVE with the colour of this jumpsuit! For a while now, I have been on the hunt for a nice pair of linen overalls, and though I haven't found the right ones just yet, I came across this jumpsuit and knew it was right up my alley! I can imagine myself wearing this gorgeous item with Birkenstocks and my straw market bag, strolling the beach or walking through the farmers market! Also, I love the idea of jumpsuits because they feel like a dress, but have legs  - riding a bike is so much more convenient! I would wear this with the waist tightened to create a more flattering shape for my body!

esby jumpsuit.jpg


2. Summer Dress by "JoJo Blanc"

This dress is stunning. I have never been one for long dresses, but for this, I will make an exception. This dress is one of the most stunning I have ever seen. I find it to be the perfect mix between casual and put together - it can be dressed up or dressed down. It is made by a small designer in Greece and I am dreaming of the day that it enters into my closet! It is styled so perfectly in this image, the dress speaks for itself. SO PRETTY!

Summer Dress.jpg

(Image by JOJO BLANK)

3. Mustard Linen Dress by "Nich Store"

Back in January I had the pleasure of trying on a similar dress to this one by Not Perfect Linen. I had loved the dress for so long and was delighted to be able to try it on and see how it fit. Unfortunately, the dress was a bit too long for me, so I considered getting it customized to better fit my body shape. But then, I came across this beautiful dress by Nich Store, and realized that it was the perfect length for me, and I fell in love. This dress is slightly cheaper than the Not Perfect Linen one, so that is a plus, I also love the colour so much! Out of all of the pieces listed in this post, I think that this one represents me the best and would be my first choice. I just can't get over the texture and the colour, the fit, everything! I highly recommend checking out Nich Store on Etsy, as well as Not Perfect Linen - both have stunning pieces.

Mustard Linen Dress.jpg

(Image by NICH STORE)

4. Colour Film 

The only item in my March Wishlist that isn't clothing! Next week I am travelling to Scotland and plan on taking many photos on my film camera! However, right now I only have an abundance of black and white film, as good quality colour film is hard to find here in Red Deer - not to mention, so expensive! I hope that I can get my hands on a nice roll of colour film while I'm in Scotland so that I can capture the moody colours of the east coast! I'll be sure to share some of the film scans once I am home from my travels!


I'll be sure to update you with a review if I ever get my hands on one of these pieces!

Thanks for reading,

Madison xx



Madison Ouellette