Kombucha Cocktail


I was looking in my fridge earlier this week and noticed that I had both Kombucha and peach juice! I love them both separately, but I thought it would be cool to mix them up. I decided that the best way to do this was in cocktail form.. it is summer after all!


This drink is so incredibly refreshing, with a nice hint of basil and the carbonation - its definitely my new favourite!



Crushed Ice

1 Basil Leaf

Peach Juice

Rose hip Kombucha

1oz Vodka

Splash of Sparkling Water



Fill your glass with crushed ice, and then place the basil leaf in the glass. I use the end of a spoon to press the basil into the ice in order to release all of its flavour. I mix it around until its completely wilted and then I pour the vodka in! Sometimes I measure, and other times I eyeball it! After that, I pour in equal parts peach juice and Kombucha! I like the use the Rose hip kombucha from RISE, but ginger or lemon would be delicious as well! After that, I fill the rest of the glass with sparkling water, though it is never much - just enough to bump up the carbomation level! 

Once everything is in the glass, give it a good stir and enjoy!! Sometimes I add a piece of strawberry or pineapple into the glass just for that extra sweetness!


Thanks for reading, and happy drinking!

Madison x

Madison Ouellette