Sew a simple top

If you've been following me on Instagram and watch my stories (@madisonjoue), you'll know that I have been learning how to sew for the past few months! I began with some more challenging projects (not sure why), but am slowly learning how SIMPLE sewing can be! I recently made a beautiful, simple t-shirt shaped top that is really flowy and has a nice shoulder drape! I don't know enough about fabric to know what type it is, but it a mid-weight, relatively structured and stretch free material! I made it in white - this fabric does wrinkle a lot, so the wrinkles really show! 


Anyway, the reason I am sharing this with you is because of how simple it was to make this top! It took me all of 30 minutes to make, from cutting it out to hemming the top - amazing!

You will need approximately one meter of fabric, matching thread, scissors, a measuring tape, pins, and a sewing machine (or needle to hand stitch). 


Take your fabric and unfold it until it is one big square! From here you are going to fold the fabric in half, making sure that all of the edges line up nicely. You will have a perfect rectangle at this point. With the rectangle long open edge facing you, take the left half and fold it over so that you are once again left with a square (depending on how much fabric you have, this shape might still be rectangular). The left and top edges should have the folds, while the right edge and bottom should be 'open'.

Once you have reached step 3, as illustrated above, measure from the top of your shoulder to your waist, or to the length that you would like the bottom of the top to reach. I typically 'crop' my tops a bit because I always wear high waisted bottoms. This length is measurement 'a'. After that measure the circumference of your chest, divide it in four, and add 2 inches or so - this measurement becomes length 'b'. Once again, I usually widen this measurement quite a bit so I get that 'flowy' and 'drapey' effect. For example, the circumference of my chest is 37 inches, divided by four that is 9.25, and I made my 'b' length 11 inches - keep in mind that you will need a bit of room for the seam allowance.

Once you cut out the "L" shape to shape the arm, and the "U" shape for the neck line (which can also be a "V" shape if you would like), unfold the material and you should have both a front and a back that are identical. Line them up perfectly with the right sides facing eachother, and then sew up the sides and the underarm. At this point you have pretty much completed your top! Try it on and make sure that everything feels right, and then go ahead and hem all of the raw edges!

I like to do a rolled/tucked hem, where I fold over the raw edge, and then fold it again so that it is completely tucked and there will be no loose threads popping out! I use a straight stitch to complete my hems, and then that is it - the top is complete!

From here you can do a lot of fun things to 'amp it up' a little bit, like adding ruffles to the sleeves, or bottom! You could also crop the top right under your bust and add a longer ruffle piece to the bottom! Adding lace to the bottom hem is a great option, or you could adjust the cuts to make it into a tank top! Once you understand the basic folds needed, the possibilities are endless!


I am definitely planning on making another one of these tops, and I plan to also create some fun variations! I will be sure to post future projects and other fun sewing projects that I complete!


Let me know if you re-create this top, and if you do, please tag me on Instagram (@madisonjoue), as I would love to see what you come up with!! 

Thanks for reading,

Madison x