Abandoned Adventure

I don't believe that I will ever be able to escape my undying love for abandoned buildings (this is not a problem). There is just something so beautiful about them. Around 4 years ago I stumbled across my 'first' abandoned house. It was in the middle of a forest with tree branches growing through the windows. All of the doors and the glass in the windows were gone and it was practically bare on the inside. I fell in love. I visited it quite often, sometimes I brought my friends. I remember one evening sitting in what would have been the living room and reading a book. A thunderstorm came and it was just so peaceful. Anyway, my love for abandoned houses has only grown from there and I have came across many since then. 

I recently revisited a house which I had came across a few years ago. It is a beautiful farm house which has been quite undisturbed (which is rare!). I particularly love this house because of the front of it. Since it is pretty much out in the open, you can see all of the architectural details. The front of the house has the cutest little porch with the most delicate details.

The window frames at the back of the house had a lot of pretty clover and other plants growing out of them. It was so beautiful. I think that this house looks particularly wonderful when it is surrounded by fall colours.