"My Lips" - But Better

The hunt for perfect lipstick; Sometimes quite challenging (trust me), Other times rather easy. I always find myself drawn to the bright reds and other vibrant colours. Everyday lipstick, however is nice to wear but sometimes hard to find. We need something moisturizing, long-lasting and it has to be a fitting shade.

The 'everyday' lipstick that I have found to be absolutely perfect for my lip colour is the Rimmel Moisture Renew in the shade Rose Blush (190). 

The formula is quite moisturizing, and I find that it sits well, even after many hours. 

This lipstick is not matte, but rather a creamy and shiny texture. I personally don't love when lipstick is overly glossy so I will dab my lips gently with a Kleenex after a generous application of this lipstick. 

Overall I think Rose Blush is a great "My Lips But Better" shade. 

Madison OuelletteComment